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House rules

Some rules you should respect and follow in order to enjoy your stay here. If you violate any of these rules, your account and/or content may be deleted without notice. If you notice any violations of these rules,you can report it here:support@urnovl.co


One account per person
You are only allowed to have one account per person. You should never create multiple accounts to write/read content or share content in any social media.
Don’t impersonate someone else
You are allowed to use an alias, however you are not allowed to pretend to be someone you are not. It would be unfortunate to fool your readers into thinking you are a famous writer to increase your reputation or profile views.
Age restriction
You must be over 13 years old to access and use this site.
Profile info
Your profile name, picture and info should be clean and not feature nudity or graphic content.
Personal information

Under no circumstances should you share your personal information such as cellphone, home address etc (this excludes your email/facebook profile/twitter profile/linkedin profile and/or personal url and location) or anyone else’s.

We will never ask you to provide that kind of personal data.

Account deletion
If for any reason you decide to delete you account,please contact support@urnovl.co with the account info and why you want your account to be deleted. Any feedback is welcome too.

Your content

Cover images

You are only allowed to upload high quality illustrations, images and photographs.

Covers should attract readers to read your novel. They should also be meaningful and correlated with the content of the novel.

Below we provide some examples of ”Do's” and ”Don'ts”. We encourage you to maintain a non-casual style for your cover images by following the instructions carefully and please don't forget to pay attributions.

DoIllustration is high quality and clear
Don'tText in covers is not allowed
DoPhotograph is high quality and colourful
Don'tLow quality, unprofessional photograph

Who owns my novls and cover images?

You own any content and cover images you upload as long as you are the rightful owner or have the right to upload such content.

You can share your content or promote it yourself, but we too have the right to display/promote/market your content. We will never sell your content without your consent though.

For the longer story you should definitely check out our terms of service.

Accessing and sharing the content

When you write a novl, you will have to choose the most suitable creative commons licence according to your needs.

It’s your responsibility to let other users know how your content may be shared and adjust the setting related to accessing and sharing your content accordingly. We do not monitor or control what others do with your content.

In collaborations, licences are set by the first author and the following authors agree to abide by those rules and limitations.

To learn more about creative commons licenses please visit http://creativecommons.org/.

Posting a ”novl” and cover image

You can only post novls and images you own or have the right to use them.

This means no stealing someone else’s content and posting it as your own if their content is protected under specific licenses. This includes cover images which should also be cleared of any copyrights etc.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that the content you post doesn't violate any copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other rights.

Deleting a ”novl”

Deleting a "novl" is very easy if it is in Solo mode and while the "novl" is ongoing. For security reasons, you will have to remove the chapters first from Novl Overview and then proceed on deleting the "novl" from your profile.

If the "novl" is complete, you will have to revert it back to it's Ongoing state, and then follow the procedure above.

Things differ while in Collaboration Mode though.

Deleting a novl while a "novl" is collaborative, might be a bit more complicated than you first think.

After you complete a novl, there is no way of deleting your content unless serious justification is provided.

If you want to delete your content after completion, please contact us at support@urnovl.co explaining the reasons why you want to delete it.

No spam

You should never post duplicate novls or stories with nearly identical content and/or content that is irrelevant to the current novl.You need to follow the guidelines, summary and characters the first author has set. Content that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever will be deleted.

You must not post generic requests for other user to read/comment on your novl. Flooding another writer with messages is not a good way to communicate and make friends.

Accurate information (title, summary, covers)

Any content you post like title, summary, cover, tags should be accurate,clean and modest. No nudity or graphic content is allowed.

You should accurately depict your content like choosing the right genre or title, summary and covers should help the reader understand what your story is about.

Adult content

Adult content and/or nudity is prohibited.

Remember that our community is 13+ and content should be minor/child friendly.

Hate speech
This is a place to promote collaborative writing, inspiration and create a friendly community of writers and readers. Therefore, hate speech or content that promotes violence will not be tolerated. You should provide constructive criticism and be respectful of each writer’s hardwork and effort.