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Winter collection #2 - 121 Words

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Winter collection #2 - 121 Words

Looking at the horizon - Nikolina Chatzitheochari

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She stood at the edge of the cliff looking down at the ships passing by. The bigger one, the east Indian trade ship, was getting ready to depart.

She should have been in it. Her brother was. She asked, begged her father to let her go with him but he was adamant. She was to remain and marry a farmer next door so that he would tend to her needs and that of the lands. “A woman cannot make it in this world alone“ he said. “She needs a man to take care of her.”

The ship started to move leaving a trail of water at its passing. Goodbye brother she thought. Maybe one day we’ll meet again. I’ll miss you.

Looking at the horizon - Nikolina Chatzitheochari·End of chapter·Please vote
121 Words
121 Words
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