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Sleeping Pulse

·by piano black·On-going Novl duration N/A

Sleeping Pulse

Sleeping Pulse

Free chapter·Duration 1 mins·bypiano black

I know I was wrong

Remorse is filling up the air

A caress of lifelessness alive...

I'm watching you change in the inkling of love

And hide from my world

Waging the war that meant to burn my soul into ashes...

As you slowly drag me under with a single touch...

Give me something pure to believe in

From my moral high ground ,

I'm up here looking down at the remains of our fleeting memories

And I'm still somewhat confused

My heart's lying still , as you're closing in for the kill

Only to find me on the ground , with my soul bleeding out

Watching the waves rushing from your shores...

This vision dances in my head

And I toy with the notion of walking into the fire

For a minor reflection of your last smile...

Carve the wound until it bleeds

Feed my misconceptions of your truth

And make your exit most dramatic

As you step on the ripples of my tears...

A titanic overture to a life that's torn asunder

Within the reasons that made logic turn to shame

Too close to an end when we are shattered

Too close to an end where we are down

Closer to the edge of madness

Deeper into the darkness of self-delusion

Where two has always been one...

And I still try to rise against the dark that pulls me under...

Resisting the ever growing impulse of letting go...

Once I had a heart...

Now an empty vessel , dead for most...

But in the silence you can still hear a pulse resonating...

It's only sleeping...

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piano black
piano black
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