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Consuming Romantic Perception

·by piano black·On-going Novl duration N/A

Consuming Romantic Perception

Consuming Romantic Perception

Free chapter·Duration 1 mins·bypiano black

Observation , Thinking , Logic , Intellect , Perception , Accurate Deductions.

They all frighten and intimidate people. One ever so lonely , so jagged yet softhearted will nor can ever be able to have , use and excel these gifts. But the price is extremely high to pay. An immense emptiness is the ultimate sacrifice. To lose yourself into the blackness. To feel so intensely yet having that cruel notion that it is not enough. A thousand lives you may try to balance your soul. But you will never achieve it. A thousand lives with the same old curse. People will never comprehend this way of living. Common minds are meant to be happy. Their souls vague and joyful.

Yet with intellect and all of its supporting attributes , there comes the ultimate , the most absolute , the most vivid , the most consuming emotions. The ones that drain your soul and life so slowly , so painfully. Near the end of your days you come to realize how mistrust , foreshadowing and solitude led you deep into the path of despair. A slow decay. You cannot change who you are. People don’t change. They never will. So , you have to accept your very own core , your very own nature.

You always crave for that special someone who will be able to challenge and follow your mind. The one who will accept you just for what you are. The one who will find and cherish the beauty that is hiding deep inside your very heart and soul. The one who will intrigue you with just one look. With eyes so stable and penetrating. These eyes that will look inside your heart with perfect clarity , who will not judge you and try to change you , but will embrace the very sum of you unlike anyone has ever done before and never anyone will.

The One.

One of the forgotten few that are scattered over this black , cruel and vague world. A world of empty words , a world with no meaning. A world missing perception. A life lacking substance and moments lacking truth. People full of nothing , walking along the streams of emptiness.

Yet I alone am destined to remember , destined to observe how this mass of paleness and idiocy has become united as one. And I alone , with my facade of condescension , so full of the need for substance , try to survive.

And I’m still looking for The One. So fearful that I have lost you forever.

A Beautiful Mind. My Innocent Need.

But as a man can’t ever change , I will wait forever and a day , still lingering on the hope that I will find you again and then I may peacefully depart to the starlit sky.


Holding on to your memory.

Holding on to you.

Holding on The One.

A Consuming Romantic Perception…

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piano black
piano black
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