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The Journey

·by Alexander BlackRider·On-going Novl duration N/A

The Journey

Chapter 1

Free chapter·Duration 1 mins·byAlexander BlackRider

Another night, another sleepless night. The clock on the bottom of the bright screen mocking me. Too late to sleep, yet too early to push through another day. Scrolling through the familiar websites does not provide a remedy for boredom and I lay back on my chair in silence. Then a quick thought, what if....

I hear my footsteps on the wet stone carved pavement. What a glorious place this must have been, I wonder while I pass the old hill monastery, an insult to the place of worship of my ancient forefathers. Making my way up the curvy road a fox darts chasing its prey and I smile knowing that at least some places are untouched by the vile curse of the modern day.

A bench with carvings, made by the young and old, eternal love promises, insults, political group slogans and football team names provides a resting place to collect myself. I sit wondering of the sleepers in the city, most of them asleep, the rest drinking themselves to kill their inner demons, so that they can keep on the daily grinding life they lead.

Pride but also a longing sadness. No one is here. I am all alone...

...The road leads to a sharp turn and I feel that someone, something, is watching me. I dart around, my hand reaching for the concealed knife on my pocket. The cold silver handle in my pocket heightening my senses. My eyes, already used to the dark after the long walk, spot a moving silhouette in the woods surrounding me. The knife in my hand provoking a daring challenge.

The shadows move closer. Fangs and eyes of a night predator come into the the dim light of the moss covered road lamp. Two more shadows move in a death grip covering my flanks and backing me against a tree. The alpha growls in challenge and I point the dagger at him, eyes locked in a centuries old dance of power. The two move in closer, the pact fine tuned for the encounter, instinct-tuned strategy born in blood and tempered by evolution. I step forward, “I am ready for you!!” I threaten, revealing my teeth, eyes still locked. The light of the lamp slickers. I quickly glance at it as it dies, shrouding everything in darkness, their growling intensifies.

The sound of the alarm clock, another sunny day of work begins.

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Alexander BlackRider
Alexander BlackRider
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Ariel Brinkley
Ariel Brinkley3 years ago
My life in a nutshell. Day dreams are always more interesting than reality (and peaceful).