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96 eyes in a box

·by Stephen Black·On-going Novl duration N/A

96 eyes in a box

Two bucks a pair

Duration 1 mins·byStephen Black

Yeah, I’m like the Red Cross donatin’ blood. Guy told me that. I got no choice. I wish this was regular, believe you me. I‘d start talkin to 7-11, places like that. Get business cards. No talk about gettin' paid. No more fightin’. No more buyin’ fifty boxes exactly the same. They don’t even let you open ‘em. You want it or not? It’s like you’re buyin’ ‘em blind. That makes problems. Shops want all the sizes , all the styles, you see what I’m sayin’? Some people are point five and some are five. Variety. Red, blue, black, clear. That’s life. A store sellin’ only one model? Forget it! You don’t want your eyes on someone else’s head now, do ya?

Two bucks a pair·End of chapter·Please vote
Stephen Black
Stephen Black
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