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Pontius Paiva – 121 Words

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Pontius Paiva – 121 Words

Pantheon of Nativity: Temple in Unholy Shadows

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Many found the reconstruction of the Black Temple blasphemous, while others maintained the true offense was allowing the original edifice to fall into ruin in the first place.

Above the altar an oculus adorned with gold inlay frame the long awaited eclipse.

Followers witnessed the alignment of celestial bodies. A gateway between worlds opened, blessing our godless universe with the majesty of theirs.

All within the temple is dark until the return of moonlight unveils gruesome overlords. Their presence replaces doubt with shock. Exposed as frauds, false worshippers are punished by unholy deities of their own summoning.

The temple once again lay in shambles. Surely another zealot will come along to restore it. Perhaps someone worthy to receive its promised glory.

Pantheon of Nativity: Temple in Unholy Shadows·End of chapter·Please vote
121 Words
121 Words
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