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Pontius Paiva – 121 Words

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Pecking Order (Naming The Immortal Unholy Seven)

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Barathrum believed himself the presiding overlord after consuming far beyond his fair share of resources. And Superbia, too preoccupied with herself, never realized she was not the reigning monarch either.

Acedia sat idle in a palpable apathy, believing battles for dominance were pointless and their outcomes inconsequential. His pacifist sister, Thesan, was also uninterested in war, preferring sweeter conflicts involving unbridled love.

Invidia, was the smallest of the immortals, but his true shortcoming was obsessing over the power and prestige of his siblings. Such twisted perceptions prevented his advancement. Much like Avaritia, whose unquenchable thirst for more than she could manage resulted in overall loss.

Ire ruled unchallenged for millennia, always ready to crush would-be usurpers, though they would never come.

Pecking Order (Naming The Immortal Unholy Seven)·End of chapter·Please vote
121 Words
121 Words
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