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Pontius Paiva – 121 Words

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Presentation of New Theologies Inspire Ultimate Sacrifice

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With early consciousness came ideas that darkness and light existed before everything else. And all that followed derived from one or the other. Then came the labeling of these things as either good or evil.

Light seemed a popular choice for good, thus the Sun became God. But to some, the Moon was a greater divinity for bringing light despite the darkness of night.

Both groups made offerings to their respective deities. Eclipses reflected their gods' approval and were used to keep score.

A dissenter proposed water was essential for life, therefore the true Mother of man. He was sacrificed to the Sun God... or the Moon Goddess. Either way, there were no eclipses, but it did rain the following Tuesday.

Presentation of New Theologies Inspire Ultimate Sacrifice·End of chapter·Please vote
121 Words
121 Words
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