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·by Γεωργία Λευκοφρύδη·Novl duration 12 mins



Free chapter·Duration 1 mins·byΓεωργία Λευκοφρύδη

Everything's fine,It feels like heaven,I sit at the table, and my parents are with me, they look happy.Suddenly my dad brings a basket, I wonder what have the basket; it's a cat!So sweet and pretty.Dark as the deepest night.It's Mr Midnight! My best friend.....My only friend.We are having a dinner,and i see Aunt Grace too.I really like her a lot.

It's Friday night. My parents are going out...Aunt Grace takes good care of me... We are having so much fun!

It's Monday night.......I am playing with Mr Midnight.But something feels real bad......A strange creature outside my window....I don't like it,it scares me.....Suddenly i hear something.....It's Mom!Screaming...I wanna know what is wrong!A bright light shines from my parents's room,I go closer...... and closer.....I see a bloody knife on the floor, and my parents slaughtered, I can not believe it!

''Mom? Dad?''

''Please don't.....''


Then I start to feel tears on my face, sitting on knees looking at this horrible spectacle,I decide to leave this house, taking with me Mr Midnight, running as far as i can, bearing in mind this horrific picture of my parents.

Eventually I ended up in the woods with Mr Midnight, and by the shock that I had fainted down, losing my senses. The last thing I remember was someone raises me, then all tanning was like sleeping.


Oswald Medicine Asylum

''Fran.....please,follow my voice.''

''On the count of three,you will wake up...''




''Fran,how do you feel? doctor Deern asked me

I was lying on a sofa, and next to me was the doctor who was sitting on a stool

''I feel like dying.I dont understand why you make me do this!''

Doctor Deern raised his eyebrows,take a look of his notes and with relaxed voice, he replied

''Try to calm down.....this is part of your recory.

But , I felt so much anger in me, how to calm down, my parents are dead!

''Recovery?don't you get it?My parents are dead!''

He vainly tried to calm and reassure me

''Oh,poor thing.....Everything will get better.I promise.

But I could not be calm, if I am closed here

''Better?Then let me go!That would be better.

Doctor Deern raised his eyebrows and in strict voice he replied

''You should not tell me how to do my work,But now i have something for you Fran.''

I wondered what he wanted to tell me Doctor Deern

''Oh really?''

''See the desks? there is a little package for you.It's from Aunt Grace take it''

'So I got up and headed to the desks and then I saw a well-known object

''This was my mother's purse...''

And then suddenly, I felt a sadness again

''Open it.There is something inside''

I opened the bag and inside I found a letter from my aunt Grace saying:

Dearest Fran

Here is the purse you like so much.I thought you like to have it.When I was thinking about you,I remembered that you like to examine and combine them with other things.

So I always hope to keep this purse and give it all the others things you find a good use.Never forget that creativity is absolutely the greatest gift you have.

Love,Aunt Grace.

And having folded the letter, I remembered all the good times I had spent with her, But Ι revived by doctor's voice

''She is worried about you'' doctor Deern said

''Im worried too,because i am not crazy!but im still here!

''Stop it! you are out of control young lady.

and angrilly shouted to doctor Deern

''Im so tired of all of this! I just wanna go to my room!''

and he replied to me

''Yes,you can leave.But before you do,it is time for your new medicine''

''What medicine.....?''

''It's called Duotine,and it will make you feel very relaxed.Nurse,we are ready!''

And then the door opened and the nurse came in with my medicine

''Anything new today,Doctor Deern?''

''Nothing,actually.Same visions as before''

''Oh i see.......Here Fran take your medicine...

And I took my medicine,but I did not feel very well, I felt like dizzy

''I don't feel good...''

And then suddenly everything became red with blood I could see heads dropping and a black shadow from behind me, then I felt dizzy and fell down.

''Oh, no! Take her back to her room! doctor Deern said

''And Nurse ....don't let her take this ever again.

I felt that I was sleeping, and then this strange creature that had appeared in my window appeared again and told me :

''Beware,Fran Bow....

''If you leave the house of madness...

''I will hunt you down...

''Catch you....

''And bring you back to insanity.....

when the weird creature left, I saw my cat Mr Midnight

''Fran? Wake up!

''The medicine will help you escape''

''Ill be waiting for you in the forest!

''I love you.......

Well I hope you like it, I've been inspired by the game Fran Bow and I thought it would be nice to tell you her adventures , I hope you like it, if so vote it!

thank you kisses

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Γεωργία Λευκοφρύδη
Γεωργία Λευκοφρύδη
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