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Noah Sturdevant – 121 Words

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Noah Sturdevant – 121 Words

Barbarian's Quest

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Hardskl the Barbarian approached the creature cautiously. Previous experience had taught him that this particular entity was prone to violent outbursts when disturbed. He sighed as his approach went unnoticed and began his task.

This quest required the removal and replacement of an item, all without waking the beast. At first things went well. He severed the bindings of the item and removed it.

Replacing it was harder. The creature stirred and covered him with vile liquids as a defense mechanism. Fortunately, it stayed asleep the whole time.

His task complete, he returned to Shrilenda, his mate.

“Did you change the baby’s diaper?” she asked.

“I changed it, yes,” he responded, “Though I fear the experience has changed me as well.”

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121 Words
121 Words
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