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Stories and Tales

·by Alexander BlackRider·On-going Novl duration N/A

Stories and Tales

The stories we tell ourselves...

Free chapter·Duration 1 mins·byAlexander BlackRider

The first few words always come easy when I begin to write down my "little stories". The story flows through me and it feels as I am the first viewer of a story the plays out before my mind's eyes. Should I open up the real me to you or should I dazzle you with stories that challenge your imagination?

Stories about characters strong enough that make our problems seem trivial before their struggles. Tales of mirrors that you can see your reflection inside them, a pool that glitters with images of knights that slay their dragons and win their princesses, hefty pots of gold, ultimate magical powers and castles that spur out of thick forests. Too whimsical for you?

Perhaps you would prefer something more grounded on the reality that parasites our waking life. Urban settings with humans like you and me waking up day after day and pushing cogs that we hate, dreaming of weekends of abundant joy and reckless abandon. The endless refreshing of social media that are meant to bring us closer, yet move us apart. Too grim for you?

How about a blend of those two. Magical creatures, part human living in our world. The vampire and the werewolf, the fae and the mage. Undying love promises of elven lovers behind secret waterfalls. Chases on rooftops in heavy rain and mesmerizing patrons in underground clubs. Does that do it better for you?

Maybe you can see my point or my writing skill that is confused by many is only meant to be translated by the few.

I honestly could care less.

Make your own story if you prefer or read another that pushes the buttons inside of you.

Or better yet, start living your own tale the way you want to. Release the writer and the character your mind screams to be.

The stories we tell ourselves...·End of chapter·Please vote
Alexander BlackRider
Alexander BlackRider
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