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The River of My Dreams

·by Mel Rosenberg·On-going Novl duration N/A

The River of My Dreams

I am by a river going nowhere

Free chapter·Duration 1 mins·byMel Rosenberg
I am by a river going nowhere but I am not headed in any particular direction so I traverse it. Although the river is very cold I don't mind it a bit. Although it is deep I can walk across it standing and my head is still above the water. Fish nibble at my elbows. The water is so clear that I can see what is written in small letters at the river bottom. Although I know that I can drink the water, I do not, yet become sated nonetheless. As I approach the opposite bank the color of my clothing has changed. I am sporting a big smile. I am now on the other bank. I dry instantly. I am headed in a direction which I know, a direction of purpose. I am now the man of my dreams. The river has nourished my journey. 

I am by a river going nowhere·End of chapter·Please vote
Mel Rosenberg
Mel Rosenberg
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