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Deception Concealing Fate

·by piano black·On-going Novl duration N/A

Deception Concealing Fate

Deception Concealing Fate

Free chapter·Duration 1 mins·bypiano black

Walls keep closing in

Pressuring my mind.

Cage confines a timeline

Enforced by my demons...

A void to fill

Shattered my will.

And I wonder if I still feel...

Lost design

Of a beautiful mind.

The pain divides

And I can't see through...

How refined this game is ,

As you succumb to impatience...

And when the world falls down ,

When you heart is teared asunder ,

A rush of fear takes over...

We all live in limited frames

We dare not escape.

Consumed by time and swallowed by desire...

A contemplation of the beautiful

Is fading across a horizon torturously changing

From amber to grey.

As our dreams are left static

And intuition loses its value...


Have we reached an end?


There's no end...

We're just running in circles...

We're just recycling the norms of the world...

Giving our dreams as forfeit

And locking our minds...

Anguish be the consequence...

An elegy laments

For the lives tricked by this

Deception concealing fate...

Deception Concealing Fate·End of chapter·Please vote
piano black
piano black
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