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The stories of a lonely woolf

·by mairi tina·On-going Novl duration N/A

The stories of a lonely woolf

May the 26th

Free chapter·Duration 1 mins·bymairi tina

Detective Mrs. Hope is standing over the dead body of Mr. Clark’s battler, looking at his frowning face, after having been called by his boss.

Through a series of clues she suspects that Mr. Clark himself is the criminal. However, he sincerely promises that he did not do it and it turns out that he does not remember nothing at all of the time that the crime had happened.

Mrs. Clark confesses to the detective that her husband behaves aggressively and in a weird way as if he’s not himself and that sometimes she’s afraid of him. “He’s not the man I once married”, said to Hope.

Suddenly, his attitude towards Hope changes as he becomes more and more aggressive and even his character traits changed and she realizes that he has two personalities. Through a series of questions, she finds out that the aggressive part of his character was in love with the battler and killed him because the feeling was not mutual, as the victim wasn’t homosexual like Clark’s 2nd personality.

May the 26th·End of chapter·Please vote
mairi tina
mairi tina
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