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Arousing Senses In The South

·by Helena Zelin·On-going Novl duration N/A

Arousing Senses In The South


Free chapter·Duration 1 mins·byHelena Zelin

She had just turned off the alarm clock and snuggled under the sheets pulling them over her head. She pulled her caramel hair out of her face and tried to go back to sleep but she couldn't. She tossed and turned and refused to get up. She heard the door open but still.

"Are you still sleeping? Wake up!" her friend, a brunette female figure, came in and pulled her sheets to wake her up.

"Mmmmmmm", she moaned. "What?!"

"What? My brother will be here soon and the house is a mess!! Get up, you sleepy head"

"Ok, ok, just don't yell" Hannah got up slowly, put on her slippers and headed to the bathroom. After she had finished brushing her teeth she went downstairs to grab herself a cup of coffee. With the mug in her hands, she headed for the living room where she found Krista dusting the bookcase. The moment she sat down on the couch she heard her friend scold her.

"Did you just sit?" the brunette placed her hands on her hips.

"Uh, yeah? Why are you so grumpy today?" the other one responded. 'jeez! More yelling!'

"Well, DAH! My big bro is coming today. And I haven't seen him in years. I want everything to be just perfect!"

"Big brother? I thought you two were twins!" 'wait, what?'

"He came out first so..... Anyway, get up and get dressed!"

Hannah took a ship of the coffee and stood up. "Now that my eyes are open, tell me, what do you want me to do?"

"Go clean the kitchen."

She went to the kitchen, put the mug on the table and began to do the dishes. 'Oh, my god. She's acting totally crazy today....' She finished with the sink and headed once more to the table for another sip of coffee. 'What next?' "Hey, Krista. Do you want me to make some breakfast, too?"

"Yes. And make some coffee too. Kaleb loves coffee!" her voice was enthusiastic.

'Ok then. Coffee and pancakes.....and an omelet. Man I'd love an omelet right now!' She headed towards the fridge, filled her arms with everything she needed and started cooking.

Meanwhile, Krista had finished dusting the bookcase and started tiding up. Her mind run to the times when she and her brother were kids. They were running around the house with their mum yelling at them to stop. And now here they were, all grown up trying to put their lives in a row.

She couldn't wait to see him again. She had really missed his voice telling her to calm down when she was all stressed up, or when he baked her midnight cupcakes to make her lift her head away from the book. Kaleb was everything to Krista. He was the light to her pessimism. And not having him waking her up every day in his annoying way was a great cost. She maybe grumbled when he did so, but she secretly enjoyed it. Her thoughts were discontinued by the doorbell ring echoing in the whole house.

"HE IS HERE!!" she screamed, rushed to the door and fell in her brother's arms.

"Hey, don't I get a hug?" Jonathan's voice was teasing 'Man, it's been years since I've seen her. And WOW!'

"What the HELL is he doing here?" he couldn't be...

"He didn't tell you? I will be staying here for a few days... or weeks..." 'ha ha ha oh, the panic! I always enjoyed that!'

"WHAT? No... No, no , no. Kaleeeb?" she turned to see that her brother had already gotten inside the house. Thanks a lot Kaleb...

"Come on, it will be fun. It will be just like the old days, remember?"

"You bet I do. It was the worst time of my life" like a flashback, her mind went back when she was a little girl. She was really fat and the man she now had in front of her wouldn't stop teasing her about that.

"Yes, but you have grown up so beautifully now. Don't I deserve a hug? For the compliment?" 'trust me I could say a lot more...'

"You're gonna have to earn it first" she wouldn't let it pass like that. She may be all grown up now but little Krista wanted revenge.

"Piece of cake. Ha" 'oh, you don't want to play that game with me now....'

"Oh really?" she raised her eyebrow and crossed her arms under her chest.

"Wanna bet?" 'still as I remember. Stubborn as hell....'

"Ha. Piece of cake" Krista used his own words to challenge him more.

"You are on... Missy" 'oh, boy you are certainly on!'

"Now get your ass inside. If you're staying here, then make yourself useful" 'we are playing at my field now Bennett'.

Kaleb stepped inside the house, leaving the two most important people in his life fighting again. But, hey, he was used to it. Since high school Jonathan teased Krista about her weight, making her feel even more insecure than what she already was. But in these five years they were apart, his little sister had become a truly beautiful woman.

He let his stuff next to the door and breathed a fulsome amount of air. The scent of coffee and omelet and... 'Is that pancakes?' He entered the kitchen to find a wonderful female silhouette. His eyes followed the line from her shoulders down her back and legs.

"Well what a pleasant welcome" he said while smiling, breaking the silence.

"Shit! You scared me!" As she turned she dropped the glass she was holding. " Oops. Sorry about the language" as she looked down she began to lower herself to pick up the broken pieces. 'Shit. I am wearing practically nothing!!!'

She began to blush when she realized she was wearing tiny shorts and a tank top. She hadn't expected her friend's guests to arrive so soon.

"Hey, wait!" he rushed over towards her and lifted her body in his arms. 'Don't look anywhere but her eyes, Kaleb... Please don't you... Fuck!!' he blushed from embarrassment.

"WHOA! What are you doing? Put me down" 'Oh, man is he crazy? Totally!! And pretty strong might I add......"

She kinda freaked out when he lifted her. 'Of course she did you idiot' . "You'll hurt yourself. Just let me take you to the door, ok?" Kaleb pushed himself to find an answer. And as he carried her to the door his cheeks became even redder.

"Ok??" 'Whoa, is this guy for real?' "You must be Krista's brother. Nice to meet you, I'm Hannah" As he put her down she extended her hand towards him. He had a pretty strong grip but she knew that already.

"The pleasure is all mine. I'm Kaleb" he could finally breathe normally now that his hands weren't touching any 'awkward' parts.

"I see you've met my brother. Is breakfast ready?" Krista's lips curved upwards seeing the blush on her brother's and best friend's faces.

"Yeah, yeah come this way" 'and maybe next time give me some notice about the hot brother arriving.....'

"No don't!" Kaleb surprised them. He jumped in front of the door and stretched his arms to stop them all from going in.

"Right. I just broke a glass" 'and lost my dignity along the way to a total stranger!'

"Oh, that's ok sweetie. Our new maid is here" her arms crossed underneath her chest as she turned to Jonathan and raised her eyebrow. "Well" she knobbed towards the kitchen.

"I'm Jonathan by the way." 'and the ladies keep coming!!' "So where is the broom?" 'you'd wish you hadn't said that to me sweet thing!'

"Oh, it's right there" 'holy shit, another hot guy and I am still with my....jammies?' "I will leave you two to catch up. I should go get dressed"

She turned before they could see that she was blushing a lot more now than before, trying not to think about the two hot men who wished wouldn't check her out as she headed upstairs.

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Helena Zelin
Helena Zelin
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