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Jenn Brown – 121 Words

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Jenn Brown – 121 Words


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Avolation: the act of flying away; flight; escape.

I am here.

I dream of flying there. I haven’t yet chosen my there -- but it’s full of unlimited potential and infinite possibility, afforded by its vagueness and ambiguity.

Avolition: the lack of will to accomplish purposeful acts.

Is it security and safety that keeps me here? Or the understanding that there is evanescent, a momentary fiction, destined to disappear with specific designation?

I linger here.

There floats through my mind like a bubble; I cannot touch or it would pop.

A violation: an act of irreverence or desecration.

It is clear. My mind is disloyal and has devised a plot to betray me through internal dissonance. Optimism/pragmatism. Desire/inaction.

I surrender, here.

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121 Words
121 Words
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