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Reasoning Lets Go

·by piano black·On-going Novl duration N/A

Reasoning Lets Go

Reasoning Lets Go

Duration 1 mins·bypiano black

Reasoning lets go

And I'm propelled into you

Flesh-born sins grow

My eyes are softening...

Reasoning lets go

And I'm melting into you

Emotions and tears flow

As I release what must go...

Reasoning lets go

And I'm bound to you

Leaving the weight of this world behind

Walking barefoot and naked towards the light...

I'll lay down my weapons

And the tired intellect

Remembered only by the scars

That adorned my wretched soul...

Reasoning lets go

And I'm finally one with you

My senses are faltering...

Reasoning Lets Go·End of chapter·Please vote
piano black
piano black
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