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Larisa Filippou – 121 Words

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Larisa Filippou – 121 Words

Falling into place

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The winter is on its way.

The salty books will go back to the wooden shelves.

Our summer will lie upon a cloudy tomorrow.

The sand will be vanished from our clothes.

The cool summer breeze and the fire nearby the sea, that kept us company while we were contemplating our future, will become a distant dream.

We will have to trade our carefree indie songs for some Christmas carols.

The paths that were “carved” with every kind of flowers will be turned into muddy paths with brown and ginger leaves.

Drops of rain will dance in our closed windows, once open in August.

But the glimpse in our eyes will show us the way through the cold and stormy nights.

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121 Words
121 Words
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