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Konstantinos Tsaparas – 121 Words

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Konstantinos Tsaparas – 121 Words


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He was running through back alleys and passing cars, with short breath and burning lungs. Hiding wasn’t an option. Doggz never left skulkers walk, but his “DO OR DIE” face tattoo, couldn’t make him cut her throat and snatch her bag, as they asked. He Kept running while blood was dripping from his wound. Adrenaline… Crawled through a hole in the wall of the junk yard and guessed they finally lost him. He fell… Looked up and saw the sky above, smiling assured he was going to make it. His sight blurred for a second - or so he thought - but then saw clearly. He wasn’t bleeding anymore and got up.

Felt so thirsty and headed for the white cypress…

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121 Words
121 Words
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