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Marina Kikidou – 121 Words

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Marina Kikidou – 121 Words

The third passing warrior

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The old man saw a stranger.

“Where to kind sir?” he asked.

“Off to fulfill my destiny”.

“You‘re not the first, nor the last…

Many brave men pass by

To supposedly meet fate

You might as well be one of them”.

“I’m not one of these, mate.”

The visitor seemed quite nervy

After what the elder said

But let it go and continued on

before they found him dead.

A couple days after that was

a knight passed, fair and just.

“I’ll kill the beast and free this town

or die with you, if I must”.

The people of the town

were surprised of his sacrifice

and for the big words he came out with

he soon would pay the price.

The third passing warrior·End of chapter·Please vote
121 Words
121 Words
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