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Leroy Vaughn – 121 Words

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Leroy Vaughn – 121 Words


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Cops like donuts, thugs like them also and just about everybody in between has seen a few donuts that they really like.

Donuts for breakfast with coffee or tea, it’s donuts for me. Champagne for brunch, with donuts to munch. A donut or two for lunch, with beer for good cheer. Donuts late at night, for ladies of the night. People may go nuts for the right donut.

Plain, glazed, orange coated or French curlers, those are for me, but you can choose chocolate, maple or jelly filled, or whatever else they have at the donut wheel.

If you eat donuts often enough, it won’t take long before you will look like you’re wearing a donut under your shirt or skirt.

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121 Words
121 Words
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