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Tasos Skiadas – 121 Words

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Tasos Skiadas – 121 Words

Collateral Damage

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Once, in a great city, there lived a man who loved to make others laugh. He was an actor, but everyone called him a “Pagliacco”. He lived in a small, underground apartment, next to one of the great highways; alone. There was an irregularity to his features, betraying the hardships and deprivations he has suffered as a child.

He always smiled, even when he had nothing to eat, even when he lay freezing inside his gloomy room, filedl with constant, grating noise from passing vehicles. He had no phone. His doorbell never rang. His clothes were old and threadbare, but he made sure to always keep them clean.

Until, one day, the foul smell made the neighbor break down his door.

Collateral Damage·End of chapter·Please vote
121 Words
121 Words
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