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Flash Fiction From The Crypt

·by Nikolina Chatzitheochari·On-going Novl duration N/A

Flash Fiction From The Crypt

Death Incarnate

Duration 1 mins·byNikolina Chatzitheochari

The green grass took a brown sickly shade. The water turned to blood and the skies opened up with a loud thunder. 

A lightning bolt hit the ground and a naked man stood at its wake.  Skin black as charcoal, eyes red as blood. Two sharp teeth protruding from his mouth.

He stood still like a statue an aura of death surrounding him. Where his feet touched the ground the grass turned to ash. A fire begun to spread no water on earth could extinguish.

Death Incarnate·End of chapter·Please vote
Nikolina Chatzitheochari
Nikolina Chatzitheochari
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