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The Ritual

·by Alexander BlackRider·On-going Novl duration N/A

The Ritual

Chapter 1 - The Ritual

Duration 1 mins·byAlexander BlackRider

The uphill path was illuminated by the full moon nesting above. The shadows of the nearby trees, naked from their leaves this winter night, cast shadows that resembled nightmares from children tales. Behind them the spotlights from the clubs and meeting places of a rotten society mocked the starless night sky.

I catch the sight of the bonfire on the top of the hill, concealed from the intruding eyes below. Around it dark figures had already gathered, crouched in a circle around the fire. One of the cloaked figures, approaches me. A porcelain white visage of a mask meets my eyes.

“We are ready.” He proclaims in a cold reassuring voice, pointing at the figure of a century old tree rested behind the bonfire.

They were already there by the time I was done donning my robe and signature mask. Dark movement in the corner of the eye, darkness too thick to be penetrated by the moonlight. I concentrate on the moon and concentrate for the task at hand, easing my breath and closing my eyes behind the mask. “Let us begin” I hear my voice calling to them....

….The world is once again devoid of colors. Like a noir film of old, many shades of grey yet no real color, boring and spiritless. I glance at the people across the road, hurrying to find shelter, the light outbreak sending danger signals of lack of safety into their subconscious minds. Their phones at hand shine in protest to the engulfing darkness that surrounds us.

I rest myself on a brick wall and look for the cigarette pack in my black jeans. I stare at the cigarette flame while it slowly consumes. Everything begins and ends, I think to myself, yet it is what our own fire engulfes that defines our meaning.

I hear a familiar voice calling my name, she takes the cigarette from my mouth and rests besides me looking at the harbor, silently inhaling. “Was it successful?” she asks while still staring at the water, a hint of sarcasm at her voice. I smile knowing that my face is hidden in the litless night.

The light fades as the nicotine infused fire hits the dark water. “Lets go” I nod at her. “A moment” she pauses looking at the sky, “You ever think they look back?” she longingly asks.

They always do, I think to myself as we leave the harbor behind.

Chapter 1 - The Ritual·End of chapter·Please vote
Alexander BlackRider
Alexander BlackRider
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