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Shattered Heart Confession

·by piano black·On-going Novl duration N/A

Shattered Heart Confession

Shattered Heart Confession

Free chapter·Duration 1 mins·bypiano black

"Aim true , straight to my heart.

Coat your arrows with your last goodbye and shatter me...

Shatter my heart...

Force her to unleash her secrets.

Everything once long hidden and suppressed will ignite before your eyes.

But are you brave enough to hear my confession?

I'll tell you of worlds that only exist in fairytales.

I'll tell you of dreams painted on the night skies.

I'll tell you of emotions that even poets fail to describe.

Oh dear God , I beg of you...

Let this not be just a midnight fantasy...

Or if it is , please don't wake me up.

I know I'm unworthy.

A sinner , foolish enough to gaze at an angel's eyes.

But hell , I do want to be condemned.


Condemn me with your eyes. These eyes that fell upon me and divided me.

If my one half is yours and my other half is bound to me to do as I please , then I give it to you.

All yours...

Oh how thirsty my lips are , craving to taste your kiss. Drunk by the ecstasy , I want more...

How I wish that the time would freeze on this very moment.

I feel chills on my spine , my head heavy , unable to think straight , with vision blurry and hands shaking...

I give in to you...

Dear angel of mine , please forgive me...

For I could never imagine a life without you..."

And so his voice traveled carried by the whispers of the air...

And she always remembered that his words made even the most heartless of souls weep...

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piano black
piano black
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