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Paradise Bound

·by Fay Sawada·On-going Novl duration N/A

Paradise Bound

Chapter 1

Free chapter·Duration 1 mins·byFay Sawada

6th June

Haleiwa, the picturesque community on Oahu’s north shore, bathed in the early summer sun. White foam caressed the shores as the waves broke against the sandy beaches. The cool breeze swayed the leaves from the trees that surrounded the area.

Four young women climbed out of the bus. They inhaled the sweet aroma of plumerias carried by the breeze. Standing outside the reception area, they looked around the beautiful paradise they would spend the next few days.

Nestled on the shoreline of the iconic Sunset Beach, the Blue Mahina Villa stood proudly over the golden shores captivating the ocean views of the Pacific Ocean.

Aya Landers was the first to scout the area. She was on a ten-day holiday with her girlfriends to get over the stresses of life, and her recent breakup with her long-term boyfriend. At first she refused to go, but after much coercion from her girls, she finally agreed to have some beach fun and maybe even a random hook-up.

“Is this it, Aya?”

Aya turned around to find her best friend, Kayla Cook, staring at her. Labelled as the crazy one of the group, she placed her hands of her hips expecting an answer. Regarded also for her obnoxiousness; the woman was a tomboy with an attitude and look to match, sporting a short blonde bob, and crazy tattoos on both her arms. “This is where we check in.”

“As long as I have a good reading area, no complaints where we live,” said another pretty girl with curly brown hair and round glasses resembling a female Harry Potter. A lonely bookworm for most, but in secret she was a loyal friend and brilliant listener; Aya actually preferred her, Maggie Scott, more than Kayla.

“I like it,” said a young woman with long dark hair framing her face. Fay Mishima was a beautiful lady of mid-height and slender stature, aspiring to become a fashion designer. She was Maggie’s good friend and met Kayla and Aya just this year when they started hanging out. “Sunny beaches, magnificent ocean and above all… drama free!” she mused stretching her arms above her head.

Aya chuckled at the drama free comment. Her heart tugged a bit, remembering the previous events of her breakup. But before making this trip, she promised herself not to think about him anymore and start a new chapter. “I’ll go check us in.” She said walking up the pathway.

She stepped into the big reception area made of wood and straws, smiling to herself at how exotically Hawaiian it looked. The other girls were still behind, trailing their luggage down. As Aya approached the reception desk, she noticed two men standing in front of her. They were in a heated argument with the receptionist.

“Sir, I ask you to please wait until the other group shows up.”

Aya studied the two men. The man closest to her did not like whatever situation they were in. She only saw his side profile as he began talking. He was drumming his finger on the desk, glaring at the receptionist, “and how long would that be? What if they decide not to come? Just give us the damn villa to check in and let them sort their booking out with you.”

Dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, the man behind the desk shrunk, giving him an apologetic look, “When Ms Landers arrives, we will sort this out.”

The woman’s voice caught in her throat the moment she heard the mention of her name. “I’m Ms Landers. Is there a problem?”

Both men turned around, and Aya’s heart skipped a beat noting how attractive they both were. Clad in shorts and t-shirts, it was obvious they were checking her out. The taller of the two had the blackest black hair she could ever imagine while the other sported a tinge of dark brown. Tan and toned, piercing eyes drinking her in, one more than the other. “It’s about time you showed up,” said with a scoff the dark-haired man.

“Well, if you would stop gawking then you can tell me what the problem is!” Aya retorted. Somehow she felt uneasy of the whole situation. Is our dream holiday going to be ruined?

The man totally ignored her and looked at the receptionist, “She’s here, now sort out the damn problem.”

The raven-haired gave her an apologetic smile that made Aya’s heart race. The alluring creature standing before her eyes was one of the most attractive men she had ever seen in her life. “I’m sorry for his attitude, but we’ve been waiting for you to show up for over an hour now.”

Aya smiled, “what’s the problem?”

The other guy narrowed his eyes, almost glaring daggers at her. “They double booked us and only one of us can get the villa.”

The woman pursed her lips, walking up to the reception desk. “Exactly why were you waiting for me? Did you think I was going to walk away from my booking and hand it to them?” she asked, bothered at how the situation had unfolded.

The receptionist lost his colour, realising he was in trouble. He was about to answer her when a voice interrupted the moment, “Hey is there a problem? You guys are taking forever.” Another handsome guy walked in with roguish blonde hair and unshaven stubs.

“Just give me a minute, please.” the man in the Hawaiian shirt told the group, while he picked up the phone.

Aya turned around swearing softly, “this is poor service.”

The raven-haired man drank her in more. Platinum straight hair and curves that made men drool. With a smile, he winked. “Tell me about it. By the way, I’m Mika.” he said, offering his hand. The woman shook it. “The rude guy is Jordan,” he continued, eliciting the gracious display of a middle finger from the latter; “and the guy who walked in is Kevin.”

“I’m Aya. It’s a pleasure.”

Mika raised his eyebrow, “Are you here with someone?” he asked, then grinned looking around but couldn’t see anyone else with her.

“Nope, I’m here with my girls.” She said and giggled, loving the attention.

“Man, what are you guys still doing wasting time here. There are like three hot chicks outside.” One more guy stepped in with excitement clear in every move of his body.

“And that’s Brad.” Mika said, rolling his eyes at his flirty friend.

The blonde woman was about to respond but was interrupted, “Aya… You’ve been in here for a long time. Is there a problem?” Fay asked, walking into the place. She paused, sensing five pair of eyes staring at her. Not comfortable being exposed like this, the ebony-haired woman looked at Aya. “Is everything alright?”

“Okay, I have a solution.” The receptionist said, bringing all attention onto him. “I managed to book you a villa in Hawaii for the same rate.”

“Hawaii?!” Aya and the dark-haired exclaimed. They looked at each other before she turned her attention back to the man she wanted to kill. “That’s like another hour, and we have to take the bus again, and…”

“Damn it!” Jordan said, rubbing his hair, frustrated. He looked at Aya, “Let’s flip a coin.”

“I’m not flipping a coin. We booked this villa and I want to stay here.” She said sternly.

Jordan raised his hands, eyeing Mika. “She’s all yours to handle.” He said and stepped away. Standing next to the slender woman, a sweet, light scent of flowers invaded his nostrils. He turned his head and checked the beauty next to him. Interesting, he thought as he discreetly roamed his eyes over her body.

Fay sensed the heated gaze on her and shivered. She glanced sideways at the dark-haired man and marvelled at how handsome he was. Not normally the type of guy she would date because he seemed like the wild kind with piercings in his ear and a crazy mess of a hair, but after her experience with the clean-cut sybarite she used to date. “Is everything ok?” she asked him since Aya had not answered her.

He looked at the woman, pretending to seeing her for the first time, “Not really. This dumbass hotel double booked us, and one of us has to leave.” Jordan said, ignoring his elevated heartbeat; troubled as to why he felt that way.

“That should not be a problem.”

“Jesus! Where the hell did you come from?!” Kevin swore, jumping away from Maggie who was standing next to him checking her phone. The fuck?!

Maggie pushed her eyeglasses onto her nose, “It’s a four-bedroom villa that can accommodate eleven people. We’re only eight so we can make do with this arrangement, plus, it will cost us cheaper because I’m sure the hotel will not charge us for the stupid mistake they made.” She said, pointing out the obvious, giving the receptionist a sweet smile.

“I’m game for boy roomies.” Kayla said sauntering in. She glanced around at all the hotness in the room. Specifically, paying attention to the two men standing next to Aya and Fay; it must be a sin to be so hot, she thought, winking at Mika.

Aya frowned and noticed Fay shared the same sentiment. She wondered if this was going to be a good decision. Even the guys were sceptical. Were they also contemplating the suggestion? Aya knew her colleague, Maggie, was calculating and reserved, but never expected she would throw this idea around. Did they have the guts to bunk with four strange men for ten days, she wondered, sneaking a peek at Mika.

There was a moment of silence amongst them. Each person took their time to think about it; and the idea kind of excited them. The mood had already dampened by the situation, but they had travelled so long for a holiday and were deciding to risk it. Aya looked at Kayla who had already voiced her opinion, then turned to Fay who seemed uncertain. She mouthed a ‘what do you think’ to her. Out of the four of them, Aya liked how level-headed Fay was in circumstances such as this. She wouldn’t rush into a crazy situation or let her mood decide. Aya felt the two shared a lot in common.

Fay shrugged, moving her long dark hair to the side and then said. “Beats taking a bus, plane, and a boat again.” A grimace adorned her face at the remembrance of the awful journey here.

“No issues for me!” Maggie raised her arm, eyes still glued on the phone.

Kevin and Brad looked at each other and with a grin they gave the others a thumb up, while Mika smiled at Aya. Jordan bit his lips, muttering, “Che…” then walked to the reception. “Make the arrangements and don’t you dare double charge us for the error!” He said pulling out his credit card to complete the booking.

“Hey, wait… You cannot pay for this!” Fay said, walking up to him.

Jordan gave her a ‘don’t mess with me,’ look so she would back off. “I am just completing this fiasco so we can check in now. You all can pay me back later.”

What a mood killer… He’s so mean. Fay thought, not saying anything. “Let’s get our things.” She said walking back to Aya, and they stepped outside to retrieve their luggage. Once outside, the girls looked at each other in amazement. ”This is some fucked up arrangement.” Fay muttered, crossing her arms.

“Who gives a shit? Did you see how hot they all were? We are definitely going to take advantage.” Kayla said cheekily, “who would’ve thought bookworm Maggie would make such an awesome suggestion.”


The Blue Mahina, the two stories home, named after its conspicuous blue tiled roof and porch, stood proudly over the shoreline of Haleiwa. Kevin was the first to enter the private iron wood gate that led to two enormous glass French doors. He walked in the main living area whistling as he admired at the fully equipped kitchen with the formal dining table for eight.

As the others were still sorting things out, he strolled to the enormous sitting room, with the high ceilings, wooden floors, and brick-lined walls. “Damn…” he said to himself as he watched the surf come in through the glass doors leading to the veranda over the beach. With one quick glance around, he noticed a large flat screen television. Chairs and couches that filled the room up to satisfy each one of them. “This house is fucking awesome,” Kevin said, looking through the assortment of books and games.

Fifteen minutes later, Kevin strolled down the stairs. He smiled at the awestruck people in the lounge area. “So, there are two bedrooms upstairs with king beds and private bathrooms. And two more downstairs with a shared bathroom.” He said running his hand through his hair. “One of the downstairs bedrooms has two beds.”

“That’s it?” Brad asked, feeling deflated in the thought of sharing a bed with one of the other guys.

The girls glanced at each other and huddled up. “I can’t share a bathroom,” Aya said, wincing at the thought. She was a bit of squeamish after her cousin caught Hepatitis from a public bathroom.

“I don’t really care,” Fay said with a shrug. “But we should set some ground rules. They’re guys, after all.” She wanted to get the sorting out of the way in order to swim in those wondrous turquoise waters. “I’ll share with Maggie. You share with Kayla.”

Each girl picked up their luggage and headed to the rooms they were to sleep in. The guys were still discussing the arrangements. Noticing the girls walk away, they shared a look. “Did they decide without us?” Mika asked, raising his eyebrow.

“Okay, fine. I’ll sleep with Kevin in the downstairs twin bedroom.” Jordan said and left. He was tired already and wanted to relax in the sun and catch a little colour. His job was quite hectic, so this was a much needed holiday. Not one to prioritise his work over his personal time. Yet the latter was not existent at the present time. He was thankful that his best friend insisted on this trip.

“Hey, man. Wait up,” Mika said, running after his friend. “Why are you bunking up with Kev?”

Jordan smiled; a devilish twinkle in his eyes. “The girls we seem to like are on different floors.”

Mika’s eyebrows rose, and a satisfied smile painted across his face. “I like the way you think.” He turned around and went to the upstairs floor. The two blondes occupied the master bedroom with the staggering ocean view. “You girl’s got the best room,” he said standing by the door frame.

“First come, first served,” Aya said, as she placed her clothes in the closet. “Are you…”

“I’m looking forward to sharing a bed with you,” Kayla said, interrupting her friend, licking her lips seductively.

Mika frowned. He didn’t like women coming on to him. On contrair, he loved the game of chasing a woman. Aya seemed like that kind of girl. “I’ll see you girls later,” he said and walked away to the other bedroom.

Aya rolled her eyes, “could you be anymore slutty?” she asked, ignoring the glare continuing to tidy her wardrobe. Kayla was her friend from High School. They got through turbulent times during her parent’s divorce. But her attitude was too much to bear at times. She preferred spending time with Fay as she was more attuned to her personality. The ebony-haired woman was a brilliant conversationalist and seemed down to earth. “I’m going to change in my bathing suit and go for a swim.”

Ten minutes later she bumped into Fay, who also was on her way to the beach. Attired in a yellow striped bikini with an animal printed sarong around her waist, the slender woman smiled at Aya. “Out for a swim?” she asked, taking the blonde’s hand. “Let’s go have fun!”

Both women left the home and stepped onto the gold sand barefoot. “This feels great,” Aya said, pulling Fay along with a smile.

“I guess both our friends preferred to stay inside.”

“No, Kayla is just fixing her horrendous swimming outfits, deciding who to fuck,” Aya said feeling embarrassed for her friend, not liking the way she threw herself at Mika with no consideration.

Fay thought over her previous discussion with Maggie and nodded. Her bespectacled friend wanted to relax after their horrendous trip over. She looked around, inhaling the salty fragrance of the sea. Her eyes immediately spotted the figure of a man lying on the sand. “That guy was so rude.” She muttered, “He seems like the type that doesn’t give a shit about anyone and is a loner.” She said, sheltering her eyes from the sun with her hand. He’s good to look at, though.

“On the contrary!” a head popped between Aya and Fay making them eek.

“Holly shit! You scared the crap out of me?! Are you following us?” Fay demanded, kicking sand his way.

“No, I’m following her.” Mika said pointing at Aya, making her blush. He grinned at both girls, “Look! I appreciate you agreeing to this and I promise that we will not cause any trouble for you.” Then he pointed at Jordan, who was lying on the beach. “Excuse him too for being an ass today, but I don’t blame him. All our bookings went haywire today; nothing went as planned.”

Aya glanced over to where Jordan lay sprawled and turned to Mika. “You said he’s not what we thought. Is that a good thing?” She gave Mika a look, already thinking of setting him up with Fay. Her friend had also broken up with her boyfriend, whom she never approved of. Lately, though, she sensed that the ebony-haired beauty wanted to meet and just go wild without thinking of the consequences.

Mika winked back, understanding what was on her mind. “He’s the most fun and crazy out the four of us. He’ll be his normal self by tomorrow.”

Fay rolled her eyes with no care. “I’m heading to the water. Oh, Mika! We need to set some house rules later.”

He gave her a thumb up and watched her go.

“Sorry about Fay. She too didn’t have a good time coming over.” Aya said pushing her hair away from her face. “We almost lost the flight, nothing beats New York traffic.”

Surprised that the blonde woman still lingered on, he cast his sight on her, loving the view. She wore a white oversized see-through poncho over a navy sexy bikini. “Well, I’m glad you made it here.” Mika said and smiled before continuing, “So, do you have someone back home to call your own?”

Aya eyed him mischievously, “no, he didn’t deserve me so I showed him the door,” she answered being honest, feeling her heart tug remembering how her ex-boyfriend had called her boring and not fun at all. Jeremy Collins was a lazy man who couldn’t hold a job for over three months, so he needed financial aiding most of the time. She shuddered, thinking how he demanded that she would clean up after him like she was his little maid.

Mika gave her a big honest grin, “You think his loss is my gain?”

Pulled out of her thoughts, she raised an eyebrow at forward he was and winked. “We’ll see.” He made quite the impression on her. She liked him. He was coming onto her in a cheeky flirty way, nothing like Kayla who threw herself at everyone. She started regretting inviting her brazen friend over; not knowing what that girl would be up to for the next ten days. “I should go find my friend.”

Aya left Mika and walked over to Fay, who was swimming in the sea. Their friendship started a little over nine months ago. She had transferred to the same High School that Maggie taught English Literature. Both colleagues clicked and started hanging out, meeting each other’s friends. When she met Fay, the friendly attraction was mutual. Loving her company, they became somewhat close. A bit saddened they didn’t room together, but she couldn’t think of Maggie and Kayla living in the same small space. She felt happy at least to spend her holiday with the ebony-haired woman.

Hyped up being in this small piece of paradise, she was looking forward to this stress-free holiday, and who knew, maybe some hook up too. Aya already had someone in mind, who also seemed into her. She dared herself to look over at where he was sitting with his friend and found him staring at her. With a blush spreading over her cheeks, she averted her eyes. “How’s the water?” she asked her gorgeous friend as she waltzed out of the water like a goddess. It was fun to see girls slapping their boyfriends as they upon the beautiful woman.

“So and so, not as hot as I thought but not cold either.” Fay said standing close to her towel putting her hair in a ponytail. “You okay?” she asked and sat next to her friend.

Aya nodded, sitting on the sand with her feet splashing the sea water as the waves licked the shore. “This is heaven.”

“It is,” Fay said in agreement, stretching her legs on the sand. She played with a few shells that lay next to her hand and looked at the blonde woman again. “You okay, Aya?”

“Yeah, fine,” she responded and smiled, “a little weirded out with the arrangement though. Doesn’t help that they all look super hot,” Aya said, feeling her cheeks redden once again. Images of the raven-haired crossed her mind, and she buried her face in her hands. “Is it weird that I already like Mika?” she asked, exasperated.

Fay laughed at her friend, “You’re thinking of that too,” she giggled, thinking how easy on the eyes they all were. “Oh well, at least we get a pleasant view inside the villa as well for ten days.” With a discreet move, she glanced over to the two men who by now were staring at them. She felt her heart race when Jordan cracked her a smile. Damn, those two are so flirting with us, she thought, wearing her sunglasses, “to answer your question, no. I don’t think it’s weird. They are both hot and shamelessly flirting with us.”

“Both?” Aya asked and turned to view in Mika’s direction. “I see what you mean,” she laughed, feeling all jittery; “How do you do it, Fay? You’re always so calm.”

She shook her head, her ponytail swaying with the gesture, “I’m so not calm. I don’t have a stable income at the moment, and I used up my savings for this trip.” Fay said, gazing at the horizon where the sea met the blue sky. “Don’t get me wrong, I really wanted to do this. But every month, I keep calculating my finances, making sure I’m going to survive. Yet, I don’t give up.” She said and laughed. “I’m going to relax and go wild with the brooding loner.”

Both women laughed. “I’m so glad you said that.” Aya said, trying to sound serious. “But I’m surprised Nick didn’t help you with your finances. I don’t like the guy.” She said lifting her hands in surrender after the semi-glare her friend rewarded her with.

Nicholas Thompson was a spoilt rich brat that loved to bask in luxury and pleasures of the flesh. When Fay said they broke up, she assumed it was over his cheating behaviour. Unfortunately, his latest conquest was her friend Kayla. Nick was charismatic and a narcissist that wooed every woman he met. After having his fun with them, he would move to another. The only reason he kept Fay around was because she is as beautiful as Aphrodite. Aya felt disgusted just thinking about the jerk that had cheated on her friend with her best friend. Such a mess!

Fay pursed her lips, moving her feet calmly until she dug her toes within the sand. “About that…” she began, but got interrupted by Kayla yelling ‘hi’ making her roll her eyes.

The two women turned around to see the girl wearing a two-piece bikini that barely hid anything as she walked towards them. “I think this was an awesome idea, Aya.” Kayla sat down, taking out a tanning bottle and applying oil onto her skin.

Fay was thankful that she never continued the conversation; truth was she had broken up with Nicholas a few weeks before the trip because she had enough of his crap. He was never attentive to her needs and treated her worse than a maid. Then she found out about his cheating. She couldn’t take it anymore, so she broke up with him. But that wasn’t the last of their interaction. She couldn’t tell her friends that he got her fired from any job she found. Aya was already going through nasty breakup so she didn’t want to overwhelm everyone with her news. As much as her relationship with Nick started off fine, it fell apart pretty quick, and the aftermath was just as awful.

“So, let’s all choose.” Kayla said lying down on the sand, lifting one knee.

Aya and Fay looked at each; the latter shrugged, leaving the former to ask the question. “Choose what exactly?”

Kayla rolled her eyes. “Choose one of those gorgeous guys rooming with us!” She giggled, “What’s a fun holiday without boy companionship.”

Fay shook her head, thinking how hopeless she was, “It doesn’t matter.”

“For you, maybe, Ms ‘I already have a boyfriend’.” Kayla said, annoyed. “Don’t bother picking one; there are more options for us. Who knows, maybe we’ll have a nice threesome too.”

Aya sighed, feeling the onset of a headache.

Fay stood up disgusted, “are you that horny?” she said with disdain, not liking the woman at all. Picking up her things, she looked at her friend, “You keep her company. I’m going to lounge far from you.”

As Fay left the two, Aya turned to her friend, “Kayla, don’t push your luck, okay?” She said knowing that she had slept with Fay’s boyfriend. “Besides you’re coming on too strong, like you’re desperate.” She didn’t want Kayla’s attitude to dampen their holiday. “Do whatever you want, but don’t be so obvious about it. Some guys don’t like a woman who’s upfront.”

“I can’t believe you’re giving me lip over her.” Kayla said with a scoff. “Whatever,” she waved her hand dismissively.

Aya said nothing more. She stood up and walked back to the home. The time was way past lunch, so she needed to cook something for them to eat. As she entered the kitchen, she noticed Maggie was doing some sort of inventory. “Hey, Maggs, what are you doing?”

Maggie lifted her head to look at the blonde woman. “I’m making a grocery-list. I know what we like, but I do not know what the guys like.” She said and bit the top of the pen. “Also, I can’t drive so you’ll need to rent a car and drive me.”

“I can drive you,” Kevin said, volunteering for the task. “I rented a jeep.”

“It’s okay. Aya can take me,” Maggie said and walked out of the room. “I’ll go get my wallet.”

Kevin eyed the blonde woman, “she doesn’t like people much does she?” he asked opening the fridge. “But it will be a waste for both of us to go in separate cars to do the shopping.”

Aya grinned mischievously, noticing her friend blushed when he spoke to her. “I agree with you…”

“Kevin, nice to meet you,” He said extending his hand.

“Aya, the pleasure is mine.” She replied shaking his hand. “I will let you two go do the shopping then.” She left the kitchen and went to sit on the veranda overlooking the shore. With a smile painted across her lips she lay on the daybed thinking about the way her colleague reacted when she saw the chestnut-haired man.

Maggie felt shy about her petite stature. That was the primary reason she didn’t have a boyfriend. Her self-esteem was low and always complained about how men preferred taller women. She wasn’t as beautiful, but she was pretty and held herself with such grace that caught other’s attention. Her friends had nicknamed her as ‘bookworm’ because she loved reading romance novels and liked to daydream about the perfect love.


Kevin pushed the half full cart around the corridor while Maggie checked her list. The nearest grocery shop was twenty minutes away. “We should get a big loud of beer,” he said, checking the list over the girl’s shoulder.

Maggie shuddered, feeling him so close. She liked the man but was not very confident that he felt the same. We just met; it would be crazy for him to like me, she thought, nodding at his request. She picked a couple of cereal boxes she liked and placed them in the cart.

Kevin placed his elbows on the cart, hunching his tall frame to level closer to the bespectacled woman. “What do like to do? Like what are your hobbies?” He asked, trying to crack open the shell of her shyness. On the drive to the store she didn’t utter a word, and he wasn’t very pleased.

“I enjoy reading,” Maggie said, picking some pasta.

“That’s it?” Kevin asked with a sigh. He felt disappointed that a cute woman like her would be so hard to communicate with. Five minutes of silence was all it took, “will you just talk to me.” He said pausing in his tracks pulling her to stop. “I don’t bite.”

Maggie looked at him and blushed. “I answered your question. What more is there to say?” she asked, averting her eyes to the soda display. “Fay would like some diet Coke,” she muttered, picking up a pack of six.

Kevin shook his head, deflated. “You’re probably the most difficult person I’ve ever talked to, and I would know. I’ve had patients that wouldn’t open up.” He said placing three beer packs in the now full cart.


“Yes. I’m a doctor. A surgeon,” Kevin admitted pushing the cart towards the vegetable market. “You seem surprised,” he said and laughed at her shocked expression. His entire family were into medicine in different areas, so there was not much of a choice for him to go down a different path. It wasn’t that he didn’t like his profession, but his true passion was photography.

Maggie contemplated on what he said. I’d never peg him for a doctor. She picked a variety of fruits and vegetables and they both walked to the counter. Waiting patiently in line, she turned to face him. “You don’t look like a doctor… More like a freelance artist.”

Kevin laughed, “What gave me away? My wild hair? Or my cheery disposition?”

“I’m even more convinced.” Maggie said, rolling her eyes at his teasing. Secretly, she like the way he joked with her. It was the first time in a long time she felt her heart flutter. He is definitely a charmer, she thought, placing stuff in bags. “How do you guys know each other?” she asked and paused with eyes wide.

“You’re talking to me. Finally,” Kevin said, pinching her nose with a grin adorning his lips. “We all know each other from High school. We don’t see each other often back home, so we took this holiday together.”

After paying the cashier, he picked most of the bags and walked to the jeep with Maggie following behind.

“What about you and girls? Are you old friends too?” Kevin asked, securing his seatbelt. He looked at Maggie, who was glancing back at him. For the first time in his life, he felt his cheeks redden. He turned and gripped the steering wheel hard. A few seconds later, he started the engine and drove off while she explained the girl’s relationship.


The smell of fried shrimps filled the kitchen as Aya was busy cooking an early dinner for all eight occupants of the Blue Mahina. Most of them had skipped lunch as they arrived with a delay and only snacked on toast and chips. “Fay could you make some salad, please?” She said, thanking her friend for helping her out.

“Cucumber and tomato or green salad?” Fay asked, looking inside the fridge.

“Whatever you want,” Aya answered as she poured some wine over the shrimps. She was cooking a Greek specialty she learned from her brother, who was a chef at a fancy restaurant in Manhattan.

“Something smells fantastic,” Jordan said, walking in the kitchen. He stood next to the counter where Fay chopped lettuce for the salad. His eyes focused on her delicate hands and the moves they did cutting the vegetable in smaller particles. He moved closer. “Can I help with a dressing for the salad?” he asked inhaling the familiar sweet flowery fragrance she wore.

Fay’s heart thumped, feeling the heat from his body radiating. “I’ve got it covered. Maybe Aya needs your help,” she said and resumed her activity. He placed his elbow on the counter and rested his chin on the palm of his hand. He’s not very discreet, is he? She thought, glancing sideways at him. “Shit…” she swore, dropping the knife.

Jordan moved with the speed of a cheetah. He took a cloth and covered her hand. “Come with me,” he said, pulling along with him to the bathroom. Blood already stained the cloth as he looked in the medicine cabinet for some iodine and a band-aid. He took his time cleaning the wound. “You should be more careful next time.” He said placing the band-aid on her finger.

“Thank you,” Fay whispered, looking at the dirtied cloth on the sink. It always amazed her how a tiny cut could produce so much blood. Her heart wouldn’t stop beating. The heat of his gaze made her blush. “I should go finish up.”

“It’s okay.” Jordan said, letting go of her hand. He loved touching her skin. “I will finish the salad; you go chill on the veranda.” He said and walked to the kitchen, taking Fay’s place at the counter.

“Fay could you hand me the feta cheese from the fridge, please?” Aya asked, stirring the pasta. She turned around and found Jordan in front of her with the cheese in his hand. “Holly shit!” she said, almost dropping the spoon. “Don’t do that. Where is Fay?” she asked, placing the cheese on the counter next to the stove.

Jordan laughed, “Your friend had a minor accident, so I offered to finish for her.”

Aya smiled, cutting the feta cheese into small pieces. “Good to know you guys are useful around the house,” she laughed, stirring the cheese with the fried shrimps. Their co-habitation for the first few hours seemed to go smoothly. Taking a looked towards the living room, she noticed that Kayla was sitting close to Mika who was watching TV. She rolled her eyes but said nothing.

Forty-five minutes later the table had been set with the various dishes placed in the middle. Brad and Kevin sat on each end of the table. Kayla sat next to Mika who in turn sat next to Aya. Maggie seated herself close to Kevin and Fay sat next to her. Last, Jordan took a seat next to the ebony-haired woman. They ate their dinner, making light conversation with each other.

Once they finished, the guys washed the dishes and cleaned up the table, before going to the veranda. The girls lay sprawled in front of the television watching a Maggie favourite movie, ‘While you were sleeping’.

Brad closed the glass door and walked to sit on the daybed next to Jordan. “This mix up turned out pretty nice,” he said and smiled looking at his friends.

Mica scoffed and took a sip from his beer, “it would be great if that Kayla girl wasn’t around.” He retorted, feeling uneasy at her advances. Women like the brazen short-haired blonde turned him off, but he didn’t want to be rude to her because that was not his disposition. “I can’t seem to shake her off me.”

“I was wondering how they all fit together?” Kevin asked, lounging on the bed. “Maggie and the other two seem so nice. The other one is a nightmare.” He said shuddering, thinking how she flirted with him before dinner. “She was all over me before she came to sit with you while Aya was preparing dinner. Did she hit on you guys?”

Jordan shook his head, “she wouldn’t dare hit on me. Every time she makes a move, I glare at her and she backs off.” He said and chuckled, running a hand through his hair. “Mika is the one with the problem.” Laughing, he winked at his friend who rolled his eyes. He knew that his friend liked the other blonde, Aya, and hated the fact that Kayla was impeding his pursuit.

“I swear if she comes at me again I will tell her off,” Mika said sternly, “even if I have to be rude.”

“Rude?” Kevin asked laughing, “You’re like the definition of a care bear, man.”

“Shut up,” Mika said glaring at his friend while the others laughed. “So, you guys want to go on a trip to Hawaii the day after tomorrow?” he asked, changing the subject.

Brad nodded with excitement. “Yes, I was reading about the Umauma Falls on a brochure while waiting for you guys to check us in.” He said with a wink. “Maybe we could ask the girls to come along?”

Kevin smiled. “Speaking of the girls, Maggie and Aya are teachers at the same High school and Fay is trying to make into the fashion world. She designs cloths. Cool, right?”

“How the hell did you find about that?”

“I went grocery shopping with Maggie, remember?” Kevin said smugly. “Once she got over her shyness, I got her talking.”

“Lucky bastard,” Brad said with a scoff, “so, Jordan likes Fay, Mika is all over Aya and you like Maggie?” he asked thinking about his options. “So, I’m stuck with the horny bitch?” he asked, feeling sick at the thought.

“Guys.” They heard Aya’s voice and froze, thinking she heard their discussion. Slowly turning to look at her, they noticed she was by the glass door. “You need something?” Jordan asked since the others remained silent.

With a smile, she nodded. “Could please come in so we can discuss some ground rules?”

The boys stood up and headed inside. They sat around on the various sofas. Kayla went and plopped herself next to Mika, who rolled his eyes.

It was night time by now and everyone was tired but still up for a chat. “Alright,” Fay said, catching the attention of everyone present. “We need to set some house rules.”

“Yes!” Maggie said, holding a paper. “So, Kevin and I stocked up the kitchen this afternoon, but the rule is you finish something then you replace it.” Pushing her glass up her nose, she looked around the bunch of people and blushed when she saw Kevin staring at her with a grin.

Brad gave a thumb up while Jordan and Mika nodded in agreement. “That seems fair,” the latter said, moving to sit on an armchair away from Kayla..

“You eat, you clean up afterward!” Fay added, “Last one in the kitchen, have to take out the trash.” Having previous experience with men leaving every room in a mess, she didn’t want her holiday to be filled with cleaning duties.

“And please, for the sake of my sanity, especially you two.” Maggie said pointing at Jordan and Kevin, “Bathroom etiquette, we don’t want to get shocked,” she said, while Bradley stifled a laugh. “There are towels and sanitizer spray in the bathroom closet, use it after each time.”

“And no weird things lying around,” Kayla said with a chuckle.

“Weird things? As in panties?” Brad asked, hopeful they wouldn’t have to go through that horror.

Fay rolled her eyes again, “No, she means bizarre stuff of post sexual activities!” she said explaining what the short-haired blonde meant, then blushed at the thought eliciting a snicker from the men. “Anyway, that’s all. If anything else occurs, we’ll let you know.”

“I think it’s clear.” Aya said getting on her feet, “It’s late. So I’m off to bed. I want to swim and bask in the sun all day tomorrow.” That was the reason she was in Oahu, anyway.

“I’m coming with you.” Kayla said leaving Mika alone and followed her friend upstairs.

Mika stopped them, “Do you girls want in if we plan something on the other islands? I don’t know might be fun with a larger group.” He said locking eyes with Aya. He smiled and winked at her, eluding a nod from the woman before she walked away.

Fay asked Kevin and Jordan to wait for a second longer, “Hey, guys.”

The dark-haired man looked at her, “What is it?” he asked, and smiled at her. His heart skirted when their eyes connected. He felt confused. Yes, he liked her, but… it’s too soon to feel anything more than mere interest. He contemplated still piercing her with his gaze. The ebony-haired woman was by far the most beautiful woman he had laid eyes on. She drives me nuts. He chuckled at the thought, shaking his head in disbelief.

Fay pulled a hanging tag from her back pocket. It was blue on one side, pink on the other. “This was Maggie’s idea. I’m going to hang this on the bathroom handle, if its pink that means one of us is inside, if one of you goes in, then flip it to blue.”

“This way we ensure there are no awkward moments.” Maggie chipped in.

“Smart thinking,” Jordan said, bidding them goodnight before sauntering to his room while Kevin waved ‘bye’.

“And that’s day one…” Maggie said with a dramatic tone. “Not bad, right?”

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