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Joanna K.– 121 Words

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Joanna K.– 121 Words

How I became a good new driver

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I’m having coffee with a friend, sharing assortments and driving experiences. As a young driver, before smartphone era, ready to pursue my ambition: visit Chalkidiki, driving and smiling.

The new driver sign, shiny and vivid, is on the car windscreen. I’m staying in the right lane. Up and down the summer hill, I hear the other drivers beeping. My ears are buzzing and I see a lady signaling to drive further right. “Where? In the ditch?” I ask myself. Farewell smile.

I’m on my way back, in thoughts. I hear the sea whispering in my ear. I remove the car sign. All’s quiet along the way. No beeping heard. Apparently, the sea breeze had turned me into a good new driver.

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121 Words
121 Words
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