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Joanna Katsikopoulou – 121 Words

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The sadness within us

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The weather is changing. A dark cloud hides the sun within me. It's brought difficult thoughts and difficult feelings.

I’m standing by the window in my office. I look up, at the large grey cloud. I can discern two human figures, blurred, gossiping. About the neighbor not working; the girl not talking to her family – let them claim the opposite; the actor reported to have left his family. They know everything about everyone. It’s the knowledge of power which makes the color of joy fade away.

I can see raindrops on the window, coming from the large cloud. It looks as if they're trying to say something to me. That maybe, maybe we gossip to hide away the sadness within us.

The sadness within us·End of chapter·Please vote
121 Words
121 Words
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