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Nikolas Kakatsakis – 121 Words

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Nikolas Kakatsakis – 121 Words

Cicada Girl

Duration 1 mins·by121 Words

Cicadas are the summer’s band; and the musicians’ follow cicada girl’s lead. She rises at dawn and sleeps at dusk, with her magical concert following the sun. There are no pauses, except when cicada girl recalls the ant boy, who spends all summer bussing tables and waiting on tourists…

Then she gets angry and orders the cicadas to stop for a while. From up on the trees, they survey the world and the city; they glance at ant boy and sing to him, “Like Persephone, cicada girl is preparing for the long journey into the Underworld. When cicada girl leaves, summer dies”. Then ant boy laughs and replies, “When winter comes, I’ll be the one with food, singing my own tune…”

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121 Words
121 Words
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