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Big Homer 1968 + 2018

·by Stephen Black·On-going Novl duration N/A

Big Homer 1968 + 2018

Trash and Seduction

Free chapter·Duration 1 mins·byStephen Black

Behind black and white garbage, inside a circle that sprays rainbows. 


Chinatown, Little Italy, payphone bodega. Frank Sinatra Ramones waltzin’ after midnight. A naked kid upstairs. 

Al sur, dos torres.

Liquid liquid’s like a jungle sometimes. Christmas Eve: the TV on and the Empire State like a needle in a snowstorm. Sleeping on the floor above the angels on Broome Street. Moody, yeh yeh. Bled to death in a concrete block. The Garden’s super 8 cherry blossoms, VHS canolis in the Pyramid. The Kiev after Danceteria. 

These years, these 99 art Budweiser nights with the Blue Jays and Jack and Dennis and Toyo and Hey Hey Hey. 

I got up and left and the bones became a tiny tea room.

Trash and Seduction·End of chapter·Please vote
Stephen Black
Stephen Black
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Giwrgos Sisk
Giwrgos Sisk4 years ago
Nice :D
Stephen Black
Stephen Black4 years ago
Thank you, Giwrgos.