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Detective Beyonce

·by Maria T.·On-going Novl duration N/A

Detective Beyonce

The start

Free chapter·Duration 1 mins·byMaria T.

She held the picture in her hands. Her and Marry, the duck she had as a childhood pet, in the backyard playing. As she was sleeping, she felt a chocking sense and woke up suddenly. Cold sweat was running over her as her mother, Mrs. Clark came from their adjoining room to calm her down. She picked a paper from the floor: the photo with the bones of her beloved duck. As her eyes met the photo she was overwhelmed and extremely terrified.

Beyonce, arrived later that morning and heard the story of the two women.

- So you were alone all day? No one came to visit you? Did you lock the door last night? Did you reach your daughters room immediately as you saw her wake up? So there was nobody else here?

Beyonce thought hard while examining the room and the body language of the two women in front of her.

- I think that your mother has something to tell you.

Mrs. Clark looked guilty and said to her daughter

– Yes it’s true I have something to tell you. You loved your duck so much but it’s time to let go. I had no other way!! You had to move on somehow, even if that meant I had to do something terrible.

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Maria T.
Maria T.
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